GTBMC2022 Conference Proceedings
Global Technology and Business Management Conference (GTBMC 2022)
The 11th International Conference by Faculty of Business Administration Chiang Mai University
2 – 4 November 2022
Venue: Le Méridien Chiang Mai, Thailand

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A3: IEC61850-Based Remote Control System of Pole-Mounted 69/115kV Switches on MEA’s Distribution System
Pichit Jintagosonwit
A7: Competitive Potential in Business of the Optical Fiber Cable Production in Thailand – Conceptual Framework
Jaruporn Jaichobdeeyingsakul, Patthira Phon-ngarm and Athikom Roeksabutr
C5: The SWOT Analysis and Consumer Analysis of Pook Pak Kin Eng Shop on the Shopee Platform
Kawpong Polyorat, Siwat Anawatchamoncol and Somyot Ongkhluap
D3: The Conceptual Model for the Measurement of Social Media Engagement Toward Brand Equity
Nuttawat Srisuk, Wilert Puriwat, Chavalit Ratanatamskul and Danupol Hoonsopon
D6: The Impact of Perceived Long Term Established New Brands Versus Newly Established Brands on Purchasing Channel Preference: A Conceptual Model Development
Ratima Srisomwongse and Rawi Roongruangsee 
D8: Creating Shared Value Enhacing the Sustainable Business Model: Case Study – Safety to Society
Boonsak Kiatjaroonlert and Werachet Khan-ngern
A6: Intellegent Military Bases (IMB): Proposed Framework and Implementation
Prawit Chumchu and Kailas Patil
B1: Determinants of Pricing of New Condominiums in Proximity to a Bangkok Transit System: A Case of the Sukhumvit Line Using Web-Based Data
Chatpong Tangmanee and Kanoppan Iam-Opas
B4: Board Characteristics and Big Data Optimization: Prevailing Pythonic Accounting in Fraudulent Financial Reports in Indonesia
Kiki Khoifin, Dzakiyy Hadiyan Achyar and Dej-anan Bungkilo
B5: Different Trading Reactions of Retail Investors to Earnings Announcements of Energy Firms and Non-energy Firms
Thanu Prasertsoontorn and Ravi Lonkani
B6: Do Investment Subsidy and Analyst Following Improve Underinvestment Problems?: Evidence from Thailand
Sirada Nuanpradit
C6: Happiness at Work of Generation X and Generation Y Operating Employees in Private Service Businesses in Chiang Mai Province
Sasimon Emmanuel Gourlay, Kemakorn Chaiprasit and Orapin Santidhirakul
D1: Assessment of innovation capability of the higher education institutions in digital transformation: the cases of Croatia and Albania
Melita Kozina, Violeta Vidaček-Hainš and Mario Žgela
D2: A Key Model Enhancement for Personalized Marketing: Introducing Purchase Timing Predictions to Hierarchical Bayes Pareto/NBD model
Evsen Korkmaz, Roelof Kuik and Dennis Fok
D7: Perceived Value of Generation Y Identify as LGBTQ Customer’s Towards OTOP Products in Northern Thailand
Pramoch Chanachaivirada and Narumon Kimpakorn
A1: Quantum as a Service (QaaS) in Digital Disruption Era
Ittipong Khemapech
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
A2: Next Frontier of Malaysian Space Technology Development Based on Bibliometric Analysis and Patent Analysis
Mirrah Farhanah Dahari, Nur Arfah Mustapha and Yoshiyuki Matsuura
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
A4: Development of Mathematical Model for Radiotherapy Patient Scheduling
Nattapon Emsamrit and Chawis Boonmee
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
A5: Information Engineering Innovation Management Process Leading the Student to Become Startup Entrepreneurship
Vasustorn Chaowalittawin, Woranidtha Krungseanmuang, Posathip Sathaporn, Tuanjai Archevapanich and Boonchana Purahong
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
A8: Data Analytics on Automation of Test Case Infrastructure with Jira and ZephyrScale
Aniket Dey, Amit Baranwal and Sugandha Sahay
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
B2: Big Data Impact Analysis within Pythonic Accounting Framework on Financial Market: Foreign Digital Media Moderation Effect on Turkey’s Unorthodox Monetary Policies Towards Inflation
Dzakiyy Hadiyan Achyar
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
B3: Value-at-Risk Models and The Energy Sector: A Case of The Stock Exchange of Thailand
Danai Likitratcharoen and Chakrin Pinmanee
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
B7: Assessing the Needs of Private Equity in Brunei
Gilbert Ling Kai Lung, Abdul Rasyhid Bin Abdul Latif and Ulaganathan Subramanian
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
C1: Challenges Faced by 'Brick and Mortar Travel Agencies in Brunei Darusslam
Hartini Mohd Erman, Nur Rafidah Mohd Dahani and Ulaganathan Subramanian
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
C2: A Comparative Study on CSR Disclosure Practices of Young North America and Asia Pacific Technology Companies
Nuramalina Sufian, Ulaganathan Subramanian and Minh Son Dao
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
C3: What are the Causes of Employee Turnover in Brunei Darussalam
Nurul Hanisah Binti Haji Ishak and Ulaganathan Subramanian
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
C4: Opportunity Seizure in the Disruptive Era: Case Study of an Ethnic Minority Entrepreneur in Thailand
Pichayalak Pichayakul and Traci Morachnick  
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
C7: Operations Improvement in Human Resource Management using Lean Concept
Prim Fongsamootr, Chompoonoot Kasemset and Takron Opassuwan
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
C8: What are the driving forces of raw fish consumption?  A preliminary survey in Cambodia
Yuzuru Utsunomiya
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*
D5: Exploring Elements of Content Marketing Using A Natural Language Processing: The Case of Native Woven Clothing
Sudarat Saengkeaw and Rawi Roongruangsee
*Note: full paper will publish in IEEE Xplore*